2021.12.12 в 17:54
What is eromassage?

What man does not dream of relaxing in the company of a beauty? Probably only a few will refuse such a pleasure. And many even know where to look for such leisure – in an erotic massage salon, of course. But what is eromassage? And what awaits the guest at the procedure? We will tell you more about this!

First you will need to sign up for a session

It’s easy to do: go to the “Contacts” section and contact our administrator. Tell us more about how you imagine your vacation, and we will already select a program for you and help you choose a girl.

You will get unforgettable emotions on the program

  • as soon as you enter the salon, we will escort you to your apartment. If you want to drink something strong, we have our own bar! In the same room you can relax with friends, if you suddenly decide to relax with a company;
  • you will shower immediately before the program. Showers are located right in the room, which is very convenient, we will also give you a towel, disposable linen and slippers. Well, so that you are not so lonely, our craftswoman can keep a company;
  • after water procedures, the girl will put you on the bed and show you what a real eromassage is. She will start with classic techniques that will smoothly transition into erotic ones. The master will not miss a single part of your body, and will pay special attention to the erogenous zones. You will feel complete relaxation, and in the final you will experience a powerful release.

We figured out what eromassage is. Is it possible to do it at home?

Many couples want to practice massage techniques at home. But we do not recommend doing this without special training and education. Erotic relaxation is not just a beautiful sight, it is also a procedure that can bring both benefits and harm.

But if you want to transfer the practice of erotic relaxation into your married life, we can help with this! Come to the steam program at Trinity-Spa instead of with your significant other. There, our masters will show all relaxation techniques and tell you more about what eromassage is.

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