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What is included in the classic erotic massage programs?

Erotic massage is not just a way to relax and have fun, but also an opportunity to plunge into the world of new sensations and emotions. In the Trinity-Spa salon, we offer various erotic massage programs, each of which includes unique elements and techniques. Let’s look at what is included in the classic erotic massage programs, and what makes them so popular among our clients.

Essential elements of basic practices

  • The first and perhaps the most important element of any massage is the atmosphere. In the Trinity-Spa salon, we create ideal conditions for the complete relaxation of our clients. Scented candles, muted lights and music, and a comfortable temperature help you tune in and forget about everyday worries.
  • All our masters are highly qualified specialists who have received special training and have deep knowledge in the field of massage. They are able to find an approach to each client, taking into account his individual preferences and wishes. They perform equally well both classic erotic massage programs and exclusive ones!
  • The session itself consists of several components: classic body relaxation, which helps to relieve tension in the muscles, improve blood circulation and overall well-being. This stage of the massage prepares the body for 2 parts of the rest – erotic. It usually includes elements of body massage.
  • The final part of the massage is aimed at a powerful discharge. It includes Lingam massage, during which the master stimulates the main erogenous zone of the male body.

The classic erotic massage programs at Trinity-Spa are a combination of professionalism, sensuality and a high level of service

We invite you to plunge into the world of new sensations, enjoy unique techniques and feel true relaxation and pleasure. Sign up for our salon and see for yourself the productivity of your leisure time!

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