2021.11.11 в 14:17
Erotic massage at home without any extra effort

Times have changed and now we do not get to services, but services get to us. There is delivery for almost everything: food, clothing, and even documents. Is it possible to deliver an intimate massage? Easy! Erotic massage at home is not a problem at all: we are ready to meet the client halfway and deliver “pleasure” right to his doorstep of his apartment.

On what conditions is it possible for a masseuse to visit?

Firstly, the service will become more expensive for you if the girl has to spend it outside the salon. Getting to a client in heavy metropolitan traffic jams is a costly task both in terms of energy and finance, because additional money will be required to pay for a taxi. Secondly, not all masters can be free: agreeing on a service in advance would be the right decision. To do this, just call our administrator at the numbers: +7 (985) 430-52-25, +7 (929) 560-15-45. Then you can order a beauty to your liking and find out about possible programs that will surely interest you. Note that departure is possible when purchasing a program from 7,000 rubles or under other conditions, which our employee will certainly familiarize you with.

What are the benefits?

Erotic massage at home is wonderful precisely because the client does not need time to adapt – he is already within his home walls, which will relieve unnecessary stress before meeting with the craftswoman. You are the master of the situation, but a little hospitality will not hurt:

  • prepare in advance a place for the craftswoman. Thanks to this, your time with your girlfriend will be filled with the most pleasant things;
  • take care of an intimate atmosphere: dim the lights and turn on relaxing music – this will make the effect of a sexual massage even brighter;
  • do not rush to drink alcohol: we assure you that the most unforgettable sensations are achieved only in a sober state.

Erotic massage at home: it’s worth sweating!

Working in your apartment, and not in the salon, will not confuse our specialist at all. Possessing great experience, bold and hot temperament, our craftswomen do not need time to adapt – they will immediately get down to business. And you can choose the “one” that will skillfully perform erotic massage at home on the Trinity-Spa salon website in the “Masters” section.