2021.12.12 в 17:40
Erotic massage ending in Moscow

Haven’t you had a really good vacation for a long time? It’s time to fix it … Erotic massage with an ending is a popular service in Moscow that will give you not only an unforgettable physical relaxation, but it is also possible to experiment and make all your secret fantasies come true … Ready for this adventure?

Just sign up for the program!

Call our administrator and tell her how you represent your vacation. Do not worry about anonymity, because Trinity-Spa strictly adheres to it. We do not pass information about guests to third parties, and photography and video filming within the walls of the institution is prohibited. Therefore, you can be sincere in your desires!

We have a variety of services for every taste

  • not ready to experiment? Choose the classic programs of erotic massage with the end, in all salons of Moscow there are such. In addition, you can always supplement them with other services, for example, lesbian shows or golden rain;
  • for men who occupy leadership positions in everyday life, the program with the Mistress will be useful. She will allow you to transfer the reins of government into the wrong hands, while enjoying the dominance of the craftswoman;
  • and if you are especially delighted with women’s feet, we can satisfy this fetish too. For some reason, many men are ashamed of such fantasies, in fact, there is absolutely nothing reprehensible in them. Make your dream come true with the Trinity-Spa craftswomen!

Erotic massage ending in Moscow salons – is it expensive?

It has long been believed that if an establishment is popular, it is extremely difficult to get into it. Trinity-Spa breaks this stereotype so that every man can enjoy a top class vacation surrounded by stunning ladies. They know exactly how to approach you and rid your mind of negative thoughts. Trust their skill, besides, the cost of erotic massage programs with graduation starts from 2500 rubles. For Moscow, this is not such a big price for premium-class leisure, do you agree?

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