2022.06.6 в 14:25
Individual massage in Moscow: is it always better than a salon?

Women’s hands delight men. They are capable of many things: both to give pleasure in just a few minutes, and to punish harshly. But getting pleasure from the Trinity-Spa masters in different settings has a different effect. Individual erotic massage at home is different from what you do in the salon in Moscow, it’s obvious. Is it always better?

Erotic massage as a special kind of relaxation

Erotic massage practices began to be used centuries ago. At first they were simple in techniques, and now that people have learned the whole taste of touch, eroticism has become something that looks like getting into heaven. Massage is able to easily relax a man and immerse him in ecstasy. And since ancient times, the environment where these piquant bodily practices are performed has been important.

Salon vs individual massage

Our regular customers will definitely say: massage in the salon is much better than at home. And all because Trinity-Spa has been developing a special interior for a long time that would immerse you in another world – in the world of euphoria and vibes. Individual erotic massage is carried out at your home in Moscow. Of course, your space can be a great comfort zone. But erotic salons are made for that, so that you come there for new sensations. And our studio has the most concentrated sexual atmosphere! Why should you prefer to go to the salon?

  • there is an opportunity to have fun not only with the help of hands. In the salon, the girl has toys, a lot of aroma oils and other tools. Sometimes she can’t transport the whole arsenal to your house;
  • guarantee 100% anonymity and security. You won’t cross paths with other clients in the studio, and no one will definitely come into the room where you will have fun;
    you will have to pay extra for going to the house. Our craftsmen always need to pay for the way of movement.

The studio is not inferior to individual erotic massage in Moscow

The Trinity-Spa team consists of professionals who, from the very beginning of the establishment of the salon, make sure that men enjoy their time and come again and again. Try to compare: first come to us for a massage in the studio, and then call the craftswoman at home. In both cases, you will be satisfied. However, you can still get more vivid impressions at a massage in the salon!

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