2022.04.4 в 17:49
Who is the Sakura massage program suitable for?

Sakura massage is a fairly popular procedure among the stronger sex. It allows you to relax in the shortest possible time and get an unforgettable experience in the field of erotic relaxation. If you want to enjoy this service, sign up for Trinity-Spa and our girls will amaze you with their skills!

What is this technique?

Sakura branch” is a more familiar version of the name of this program. In our institution, it is presented in the “Additions” category, which means that you can add it to absolutely any session! This massage technique is performed with lips, hot breath and the tongue of a naked girl. One look at her flawless body excites a man, just imagine what the combination of all these services will do to you.

Why choose our salon?

Sakura massage only at first glance seems easy to perform. In fact, in order to bring the guest to the peak of pleasure, it is necessary to create optimal conditions:

  • The main role is played by the professionalism of the master. And all our girls are perfectly trained in the techniques presented in the salon. Their rich experience allows them to find an approach even to the most demanding guest; in their hands, men literally drown in bliss;
  • the environment is also important. Comfortable rooms, beautiful environment – we have it all. Each room has a shower room where you can prepare for the program, as well as cleanse the body after it.

What does sakura massage go best with?

Since this is a fairly meditative technique, we recommend combining it with similar practices. For example, with a body massage, in which the master brings a man to the peak of enjoyment by rubbing his body against his body. Well, you can always consult with our administrator for more details on this issue! She will tell you about all the offers of the salon, as well as tell you what promotions you can take advantage of. We will provide you with the most unforgettable vacation, come!

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