2022.07.7 в 18:07
Massage for men with urological practices in a top salon in Moscow

What is good about urological massage for men? In Moscow, this service is gaining more and more popularity, but Trinity-Spa does not lag behind the trends and offers you to plunge into the world of unusual leisure. Why not try something new and experiment? Perhaps this is exactly what you have been missing.

It’s quite simple to check if you like the technique

You can just sign up for our program! Well, in order to dispel the last fears, we decided to answer the most popular questions of our dear guests.

  • “What should I do if I don’t like it?” – Immediately tell the master about it! Our girls will switch to a more classic format of the program, which will also give you a powerful discharge. Don’t worry, we practice an individual approach to each client!
  • “How does the session go at all?” – Massage for men with urological techniques is carried out in many Moscow salons, and the scenario for different programs is very similar. But you can always make your changes after discussing them with the administrator!
  • “Is it possible to use toys?” – Of course! You can even come with your own. Our craftswoman is very gentle with such props, so you can not be afraid of various injuries. We use a lot of high-quality lubricant, and also competently prepare the guest for such an unusual procedure.
  • “Are there any special exceptions for the first experience?” – Our girls, we recall, practice an individual approach to each man. Therefore, if you need extra time to relax, we will offer a lot of different options.

What is the format of urological massage for men in the Moscow salon Trinity-Spa?

We have this service presented in the form of an add-on. You can order it for any program, you will get a fairly budget and interesting vacation. Well, if you want to ask additional questions, just contact our administrator! She will consult you in detail and sign you up for a session!

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