2023.06.6 в 12:17
Massage for couples is a hit of the Trinity salon

Would you like to attend a couples massage program? Come to the Trinity-Spa salon and enjoy your vacation in a comfortable environment! We offer our guests service from top masters of the capital, a cozy atmosphere and many interesting services.

Our program includes everything you need

Trinity-Spa salon offers its guests a quality vacation at an affordable price. And our program for couples is a vivid confirmation of that! It is available in two versions:

  • A session with one master, which costs 5000 rubles, is suitable for those who want a program with the role of an observer.
  • A session with two masters, worth 8000 rubles, will suit unions in which both a man and a woman want to become active participants and are ready to enjoy manual practices together.
    You can always diversify your vacation!

In our salon, the massage program for couples can always be supplemented with original services.

  • One of the most popular is “Role–playing games”. With them, you will be able to realize the cherished plot and plunge into the rest with your head!
  • We can also offer you the “Easy Domination” service. It is popular among couples who love an original vacation with elements of BDSM.
  • For the most insatiable, we have the service “Additional relaxation”. If you want to experience another bright climax, with this practice your wish will come true!

Give your partner a certificate for couples massage at the Trinity-Spa salon

Don’t know how to offer such an original vacation to your significant other? Make her a present in the form of a certificate! You can buy a variety of denominations from us and enjoy original leisure in pleasant company. Well, if you want to learn more about the offers of our salon, contact the administrator! She will consult you in detail on any issue and will record you for a session.

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