2022.06.6 в 18:30
Massage is the best vacation for couples

It would seem, why is massage able to change the relationship of a married couple for the better? This is quite an intimate event, which not everyone is ready to go to. But believe me, as soon as you find yourself in the walls of the chic Trinity-Spa, your doubts will be removed by hand! And we’ll tell you why.

We have been working for many years

And during the existence of the salon, we have deduced for ourselves several rules that allow us to provide maximum comfort to all our guests.

  • Firstly, we cooperate only with professional craftsmen. Erotic relaxation is not only a pleasure, but also more than a hundred manual practices that relax the body and rid the head of negative thoughts. And our girls are coping with this task perfectly!
  • Secondly, we have organized the space in such a way that customers get the most out of it. Spacious cots are ideal for a session, a large hall will allow you to arrange a date if, for example, you came for a massage for a married couple, and a shower room in each room will provide comfortable preparation for the session.
  • Thirdly, we have developed a lot of piquant additions. We have everything and even more! For example, you and your significant other will be able to admire a peep show or a lesbian show, as well as order a role-playing game. And all this for an affordable price!

Our salon is basically accessible to many. Moscow does not often please with price tags, but we decided that our policy would be different from others. Therefore, your paired vacation with two masters will cost only 8000 rubles!

Come for a massage for a married couple at any time!

We are open around the clock! Choose the most convenient hour and sign up for a vacation. Well, our girls will do everything to ensure that you have only positive emotions from spending time! Organize your leisure time, which you have been dreaming about for so long. We are sure that both you and your other half will appreciate our approach to work.

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