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Candid Lingam massage for our men

If earlier, decades ago, erotic massage stopped only for health purposes, now the sessions have led to the fact that the stronger sex learns completely different types of pleasure in one hour: emotional, physical, spiritual. Lingam massage for men is just a heavenly delight. There are an incredible variety of techniques that bring young people to orgasm as many as 7 times in a row, and Lingam caresses are no exception!

Tantric Pleasure

Penis massaging refers to a tantric type of massage, in which all the internal energy of a person, his chakras and subconscious are involved. This technique relaxes men, gives them blissful calm, as well as a boost of energy for weeks ahead. Having done a Lingam massage at Trinity-Spa, men come back to us again and again, already trying whole programs with this technique. And coupled with other types of Lingam massage turns out to be even more enjoyable!

What awaits you at the session at Trinity-Spa?

The soft handles of the girls will start massaging your entire body first, and then gently move on to the penis. The atmosphere of the apartment will be as hot as you yourself, as well as the look of the craftswoman. Lingam massage for men is one of the main techniques of our programs. What does it provide for?

  • Stroking “Octopus”. The girl imitates the body of an octopus with her brush. She covers her penis with her hand from above, and her fingers manipulate the head and go up and down.
  • At the same time, the craftswoman will ride the “Elevator” with both hands. She will grasp the man’s lingam with both palms and will make back and forth movements. Sweet and gentle, with lots of lube.
  • The “pouch” will become a bright part of the process. The girl will take hold of the man’s scrotum and gently sort out the testicles.

Did you want to try it? And that’s right! “Pouch”, “Octopus” and “Elevator” are not the only things that our masseuses can do.

In Trinity-Spa, Lingam massage for men will become a favorite technique

If you want to feel the cosmic touch, then you should definitely come to us! You will have at your disposal not minutes, but whole hours of being alone with a girl. During the massage, you will forget about everything: about work, responsibilities and stress!

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