2022.05.5 в 12:33
Come to our classic erotic massage

The Trinity-Spa offers classic erotic massage treatments. If you are just getting acquainted with a holiday of this kind or just want to relax and forget about all your problems, we recommend using our basic offers. They will allow you to get to know the masters of Trinite-Spa better, as well as appreciate their skills.

What is included in our budget programs?

The most popular offer of our salon in this segment is “Tantra”. It includes 30 minutes of classical and 30 minutes of erotic practices, after which you can get a powerful discharge. Rest on one of the world’s most popular techniques will give an unforgettable experience, and will also allow you to understand whether erotic leisure is right for you.

You can always dilute your holiday with spicy services

Of course, our classic erotic massage can always be supplemented with more intriguing practices.

  • “Lesbian show” is the favorite addition of our guests, where many of them embody their innermost fantasy.
  • “Full Touch” is a service that allows you to enjoy the most interesting parts of a girl’s body.
  • “Touching the chest” is a bolder variation on the previous sentence. Feel her nipples harden from your touch.
  • “Lotus flower” is an addition with which you can touch not with your hands, but with your lips the sweetest spot on the body of a beautiful girl. You will be able to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to the craftswoman, and she will definitely not remain in debt for a massage.

Come for a classic erotic massage at any time of the day or night!

We are open for our guests around the clock! If you want to have a good time, our administrator will help you choose a program, decide on a master, and also prepare an apartment for your arrival. Do not deny yourself the pleasure and spend time as you have long dreamed of! And we will do our best to make your stay in our establishment leave you with only positive emotions.

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