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Erotic body massage programs

What kind of vacation do all men like? A trip to a bar, an active pastime and, unexpectedly for many, an erotic body massage are chosen in the tops. Such an unusual procedure has appeared in our latitudes for a long time, but still causes misunderstanding among some representatives of the stronger sex. Let’s talk about it in more detail!

What is leisure?

Contrary to popular opinion, erotic practices have been conducted on a completely legal basis for many years. As a rule, the session consists of the classical part, which includes a general warm–up of the body, and the main one – erotic. It can be different, but most often men order the following services:

  • Lingam massage is one of the most common techniques, the essence of which is to stimulate a man’s penis. Its logical ending will be a bright discharge.
  • Body massage is a procedure of erotic body-on-body massage. The master applies oils on himself and on the guest, and then begins to slide his forms over the man’s torso, arms and back. This practice definitely leads to the most powerful excitement.
  • Lesbian shows are one of the most popular fantasies among the stronger sex. Who hasn’t dreamed at least once of being surrounded by beautiful girls who are passionate not only about each other, but also about themselves? Guests of erotic establishments have such an opportunity, and they actively use it.
  • A peep show is another visual service during which the master caresses himself in front of the guest. Observation is a special process that many underestimate until they try it themselves.

Getting into an erotic body massage session is very simple

If you want to spend your time in an unusual way and experiment, start with the practices outlined above. They will enchant you from the first minute! Well, if you want to learn more about the offers of our salon, contact the administrator in any way convenient for you. She will consult you on any issue, help you decide on a choice and record you for a session.

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