2022.06.6 в 18:14
Is cheap erotic massage in Moscow worth your attention?

To begin with, it is worth deciding what can be considered a cheap erotic massage. In Moscow, the prices are radically different from those that we can see in the region, and therefore it is quite realistic to call the budget vacation the one that cost 5,000 rubles. But the Trinity-Spa offers services even lower than that!

The most basic leisure

Not everyone is ready to spend fabulous sums to get acquainted with the institution. Most men agree: the average bill should not exceed 3,000 rubles. No sooner said than done, with us you can relax for only 2500 rubles! On the Tantra program you will receive a portion of classical and erotic massage and will be able to appreciate the skill of our beauties.

What if that’s not enough?

No problem! Our erotic massage salon not only has some of the cheapest programs in Moscow, but also has budget add-ons. These, for example, you can get for only 1000 rubles:

  • Chest touches” is a delightful opportunity to get a huge surge of arousal. Feel how the girl’s nipples harden in seconds from your touch, and also enjoy her velvety skin.
  • “Peep show” is a dance full of debauchery and lust, which is a pleasure to watch. It relaxes quite quickly, and also makes it possible to enjoy the forms of a girl from different angles.
    The “French Kiss” is a gentle body-kissing service that will give any man goosebumps.
  • “Sakura Branch” is one of the most popular massage techniques that is suitable for beginners. With it, you will quickly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation!

We have many more additions, you can learn more about all of them on the website or from our administrator!

Cheap erotic massage from the Moscow salon Trinity-Spa is available at any time of the day or night

We are open for you around the clock! Therefore, do not postpone your vacation, sign up for our program and get unlimited pleasure! Well, we will be happy to help you with this.

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