2022.07.7 в 16:37
Urological massage service from Trinity-Spa

Urological massage is a specific service, and many men are afraid to decide on it. But as soon as they dare and come to Trinity-Spa, everything changes in an instant! Our girls are able to arrange guests to rest, and you can see this personally by visiting our salon!

We are open to you at any time

Our establishment is open around the clock, and therefore you can enjoy the company of our girls even during the day, even at night. Well, so that nothing will overshadow your vacation, we advise you to book time in advance. There are several reasons for this:

  • So you will definitely get to the desired girl. We have a lot of masters, and each of the girls has their own schedule. Therefore, if you like one of them, it is better to clarify in advance whether she will be able to accept you. In addition, not all of our masters can work with the services of urological massage, because before they receive admission to the program, they undergo appropriate training.
  • We also need time to prepare apartments for you. Our rooms are first-class and it will be as comfortable as possible to spend such a piquant leisure time in them. The whole point is not only in the design, but also in the fact that we observe perfect cleanliness there and our rooms are thoroughly cleaned before each guest.
  • And, of course, if you want to take advantage of our additional offers – a bar or a Jacuzzi, you also need to clarify whether they will be available at one time or another. We want to pay special attention to each guest, so we will be very glad if you inform us about your visit in advance!

The service of urological massage is quite an ordinary practice that you should not be afraid of

It is natural for a person to be afraid of something new and unknown. But if you want to attend a session with stimulation of your G-spot, just call us! We will tell you in detail about how your vacation will go, and we will do everything so that you can not only enjoy this procedure, but also be able to relax quickly. We will be glad to see you in the walls of Trinity-Spa!

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