2021.10.10 в 19:16
VIP erotic massage – pleasure without boundaries

What does a man need for a good rest? Of course, a decent place, the opportunity to enjoy drinks and the company of lovely girls. And the cherry on the cake will be VIP erotic massage from the top masters of the Trinity-Spa salon! Our girls will not leave any man indifferent!

Do not skimp on vacation

Besides, here it is available to any man! The cost of the basic program starts from 2500 rubles, and the price for the most budgetary supplement will be only 1000 rubles. Just imagine, you can spend less than in some Moscow restaurant. At the same time, you will get many times more emotions …

Even basic programs will become special with us

As a rule, men who come to VIP erotic massage expect some kind of show, which frightens many of them. And this is understandable: you first came to the institution, you are clearly embarrassed, and then there is a hot performance of adorable young ladies … If you want peace of mind, our basic programs will give it to you!

  • you can choose any master you like best. The main thing is to sign up for the session in advance so that the girl you are interested in can definitely keep you company;
  • before the program, you can sit in our bar and relax, because there are quality drinks, as well as steam cocktails;
  • then you will proceed to the apartment. There our guests can safely prepare for the program and take a shower. But some men want the girl to keep them company already at this stage. You can always discuss this condition with the administrator;
  • after water procedures, you will lie down on the bed, and our girl, starting with classical techniques, will smoothly switch to erotic ones, making you moan with pleasure …

Come to a VIP erotic massage session at any time

We are open around the clock, so we will be glad to see you during the day or at night. Make yourself an unforgettable time, because you deserve a decent rest. Call us right now and we will tell you in detail about all the offers of our establishment!