2022.07.7 в 18:10
What is an erotic Lingam massage?

Erotic Lingam massage is not just a rest, it’s a whole philosophy! Do you want to immerse yourself in it and discover pleasure in a new light? Do it together with the Trinity-Spa salon! We will give you unforgettable emotions, and our girls will arrange a whole show for you…

We have all the conditions for recreation

Comfortable apartments and a hall with its own bar – what else do you need for a real men’s leisure? Our rooms have showers so that you can prepare for the session, as well as spacious beds on which the procedures will be carried out. Well, in the hall you can spend time both in the company of our masters and your friends! With our Bachelor Party program, the pastime will turn into an interesting and unusual experience for all participants.

You can order both a full-fledged program and an addition to the service

  • Erotic Lingam massage is presented in many programs, since this procedure is considered a classic of relaxation. Its main advantage is a bright discharge. Many of our guests get an orgasm thanks to Lingam stimulation. Well, the accompanying procedures in the form of classical practices or the familiar “Sakura Twig” give a special charm to leisure.
  • You can also enjoy this practice as a supplement. Some of our guests order it after the main part of the session in order to repeat their favorite moment of rest.

Lingam relaxation consists in stimulating a man’s sexual organ. And our girls know as many as 40 techniques of this procedure! With them, your pastime will definitely be interesting and productive.

Erotic Lingam massage is suitable for any man

As an avid visitor of erotic establishments, and those who decided on such relaxation for the first time. We will organize an unforgettable vacation for you, just call our administrator and sign up for the program! Well, if you need help in choosing a service and a girl, we will be happy to provide it! Allow yourself a little more and spend time the way you’ve been dreaming for a long time.

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