2021.11.11 в 18:52
Erotic spa massage for men is a great solution than taking a free minute

In Moscow, you can easily find a lot of spa salons that offer you massage. But it is not so easy to find a high-quality erotic spa massage for men even in the capital. However, nothing is impossible! By contacting our salon, you will receive not only high-quality erotic massage, which will give you real bliss. Here you will find professionals in their field: our craftswomen know how to please their client.

Prices are as sweet as her kisses

You will be surprised, but our services are available for clients with different income levels. You can get a good erotic massage, in which a specialist will give 100% to your body, for a very modest amount: so, for an hour of female affection, you will pay from 2500 rubles. Further – more in every sense!

Non-childish games

It is quite clear that when we say “erotic massage”, we are talking about a pleasant, exciting, but predictable process. Well, how can this surprise you? Therefore, our erotic spa massage for men is thoughtful programs that turn into a real show! We bring every little thing to perfection: a beautiful interior is waiting for you in your salon, champagne will be offered, and, of course, you will choose a masseuse and a script of your choice:

  • Mistress” – this program has tamed and rekindled the ardent ardor of many men: get ready to submit to her whims and sharp heels.
  • “Four hands” – for those who are always not enough. Our two beauties are guaranteed to bring you to orgasm!
  • “Royal” – allow yourself to be a King longer. In 90 minutes you will get to know her very well.
  • Rendezvous is a crazy 6-hour journey. Want more? Then 7th hour for free!

Erotic spa massage for men: decent is not decent

We are obliged to warn in advance that our masseuses do not provide intimate services. They only arouse desire in you, awaken the flame of feelings and thoughts. Your friends and relatives will not know about the erotic spa massage for men in Trinity-Spa: we guarantee complete silence.