2023.01.1 в 11:25
Erotic massage programs with two masters

Erotic massage with two girls at once is in great demand among men. And if you’ve been thinking about implementing this idea for a long time, make your dream come true in Trinity-Spa! Here you can spend time with top masters who work perfectly in tandem. In addition, we have several programs on similar topics.

How can a vacation take place?

Since our salon has been specializing in erotic leisure for a long time, we have developed several offers designed for relaxation in 4 hands. And which one will suit you depends only on your request and budget!

  • Do you want to relax as profitably as possible? Then order the “Lesbian Show” supplement! You can take it to any of our programs, and it will cost only 3000 rubles. The service is perfect for those who decided for the first time on an erotic massage with two girls and wants to understand whether leisure of this kind is suitable for him.
  • For those who want to order a well-developed program in which there will be nothing superfluous, we recommend that you take a closer look at the service “In 4 hands“. It consists of two parts – classical and erotic, and is designed for 60 minutes of relaxation.
  • If you want to enjoy your vacation longer, we have “Skillful hands”, the duration of which will be an hour and a half. This offer includes more services, including the famous “French Kiss”, which strikes men on the spot! Try it and see for yourself.

Special offer for lovers of erotic massage with two ladies

If you are looking for something unusual, we invite you to visit our special project! It involves couples who have already worked together, who work in different subjects – more tender and more passionate. The girls will show you a whole show and, of course, will delight you with their caresses. Sign up for a vacation with us and realize your fantasies in a pleasant company!

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